Find answers here to the questions most asked through this website and all of our social media spaces.  This may help you find an answer to your question immediately and not have Bobby or the person who answers the e-mail from the site feeling terrible if they are busy and canít get to reply to your question straight away  ;-))

Are Bobby and Tommy still in touch?

Yes, of course.  As this website clearly shows, Bobby and Tommy are still together and working all year round every year playing all around the country and still doing panto every single year.

Why arenít C & B on the TV any more?  I never see them, where are they working if theyíre not on the TV?

Just because C & B arenít on the TV together as they once were doesnít mean that they donít work together or that the public donít get to see them perform.

Tommy and Bobby generally tour the country with a couple of different shows per year in theatres all around the country.  They also tour the country giving gospel shows in churches and different places around the UK and panto has been in Lincoln for the past 3 years.

So how do I find out where and when they are on and get to go and see them?

Well, you can keep a look out at your local theatre, if they have a newsletter, sign up for that, you never know . . . or you could simply check out this page!

Whatís going on with Cannon & Ball?

To find this out, check out their website at and also sign up for their newsletter which is published (e-mailed) periodically throughout the year.

How do I contact Cannon and Ball?

It depends why you want to contact them?

If your contact is business related and is about availability for bookings and personal appearances and the such, please contact their management about this here:

Phil Dale
c/o QTalent
3rd Floor, 161 Drury Lane
Covent Garden

Tel: 0207 430 5400

If itís some general contact, there is a contact form on the website, as well as the e-mail address to use at any time.  If itís something more open and regular and nothing that will take up their time reading lots of e-mail if itís not required . . .  you can use their social media presences to achieve contact.

I see lots of different Cannon and Ball pages online through social media, how do I know which are the real ones?

You shall know as we shall tell you here:


Bobby had a Facebook page for quite some years this can be found here!
There is also an official Bobby Ball Fan Page, this can he found BB Fan Page!

There are other pages and groups on there for Bobby, for Tommy and for the pair of them but this is the only official one.

Does Tommy have a Facebook profile?

No, Tommy does not use the net as Bobby does and therefore any profile pages that you see online for Tommy ARE all fake ones.  Do not be fooled into believing that they are Tommy.


Bobby does love his Twitter. He can be found over there at and his name over there for contact is @TheBobbyBall.

Does Tommy do the Twitter thing?

Yes!!  He does. It took a good few years of coaxing but Tommy can be found on Twitter under the name of @TheTommyCannon

Regular contact?

The Official C & B website has a chat session every Wednesday night at 8pm where fans can always decide to turn up for a natter if they fancy it.  Whenever he can manage it, Bobby does call in and spend the evening with us but this shall be less than normal over the busy periods with being out working and away from home.  Do call in though, whoever is in there when you arrive will be nice to you and give you a warm welcome, theyíre a good bunch! Update - due to other commitments, the chat nights aren't as regular now, but when they are arranged, they will be advertised. 2018.


There are forums on the website for use at any time.

They have been overlooked slightly over the past couple of years with the emergence of Twitter and Facebook, arenít visited half as much as they used to be which is quite sad. But maybe we can change that.  Please do feel free to visit and contribute and if we all do the same, we may well get them buzzing again!

How can I get an autograph from Bobby & Tommy?

C & B are some of the most accommodating guys where their fans are concerned.  If met at a gig and asked, itís very rare they would ever turn anyone away. There are often signing tables at gigs and if this is the case at a gig youíre at, then you will surely be lucky and will get your autograph.

If this is not possible, please do send your request through to and we will see what we can so.  No guarantees, but we will always do our best.

Bobby, I see that you are now doing more acting, when will we next see you on the TV?

Bobby is regularly busying himself with his acting projects and he does tell everyone when he is filming or planning anything on his Twitter but whenever there is any firm, solid news about the dates of his shows being aired, the news will be displayed on the Facebook page, Twitter and the websites news section.  Do keep checking the news page for anything that you may want to know about.

Bobby, because you are doing more acting and people are talking about you more as an individual, does this mean you will break up Cannon and Ball and concentrate your time on acting?

No, this will not happen.  We are almost at the landmark of Bobby and Tommy hitting the 50 year mark together, this will never be jeopardised.  They are a team, have always been a team and will carry on being a team as long as they are able!!

Who are these Harper people you keep Tweeting about?

The Harper Brothers are a comedy vocal duo who are absolutely hilarious, they are making a great name for themselves nationally and internationally, and are carving out a fantastic career for themselves.  Oh yeah, they also happen to be Bobbyís sons! 

Bobby, why are you always Re-Tweeting everyoneís general requests on Twitter?  It fills up my timeline with things I donít necessarily want to see!

Bobby thinks that if someone takes the time to message him, itís only polite to answer if he can or if people ask for a re-tweet, that it is rude not to.  He doesnít want to fill up anyoneís timeline with anything they donít want to see but he wants to be as fair to everyone who follows him as possible.  You might be one of the ones who doesnít want to see his re-tweets but just think, if it was you who actually wanted one, youíd probably get it.  He is too sweet for his own good sometimes and will never please all of the people all of the time!

It really would be nice though for Bobby to have some nice challenging questions and conversations from/with people who are genuinely interested and interesting.  Please do talk to him and ask him things other than whether he will re-tweet your message to get one over on your sister/aunty/brothersís best friend.  Heís a really interesting guy and has a lot to say!  Give him a chance to say it!

Why arenít your old shows on the TV, there are tons of other repeats on?

They have never been picked up by the channels which now show so many old programmes on repeat but never fear, there are plenty of chances to be able to see C & B in your own home . .

Network DVD started to release the old ITV Cannon & Ball Shows in a completely uncut format recently and after releasing series one, two and three up until now, the fourth series is due to be released in February.  These can be bought directly form Network DVD or any other online retailer such as Amazon or

I used to love your movie Boys In Blue, I donít have my video tape any longer though, do you have a copy?

You donít need your old video tape or to borrow one from Bobby or Tommy.  Boys In Blue is available in online stores such as Amazon and at really reasonable prices so grab yourself a copy soon and remember all the bits you had forgotten you loved!

I used to have your albums when I was younger, where can I get a copy of them now?

There are no digital versions widely available of these albums Iím afraid.  They do occasionally turn up in old record shops, charity shops and supermarkets but possibly the best way to find them is to connect with other fans who might have spare copies or old memorabilia that they donít need any longer.

Can I buy official Cannon & Ball merchandise?

There is a small selection of merchandise on the website, Ė at the moment this is payable for by cheque only but we may well look into changing that at some point.

Occasionally we do create a T-Shirt sweep where a set of t-shirts are offered to regular visitors.  These are limited and only happen from time to time.


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