We are finding out now more than ever since launching this site that there are so many Cannon and Ball fans out there still wanting to see them, watch their old shows and talk about them to share their own memories of the shows, the sketches and the lads themselves

Cannon and Ball fans have a great network of communication already. 
Many e-mail each other regularly and are all connected by Myspace and Facebook.
Here are some of the ways you can get involved online.






Bobby's Fan Page

You can keep up with Bobby's latest and connect with him and other fans on his Facebook Fan Page.
See the following for a roundup of what's happening there now.


Bobby Ball on Facebook


Visit our new message boards




Personal Facebook accounts.

Andrea Jackson's Facebook Profile

You can click on his badge here to be taken straight to his page.

I also spend a lot of time online, if for any reason you may want to get in touch with me that way then please feel free to do the same.  Andrea x

If you want to make a note of the address of his profile for future use it is www.facebook.com/Bobby.Ball.2012 if you would like to add me for any reason, mine is www.facebook.com/andrea.jackson

As many of us were on Myspace and Facebook together, I got to thinking that maybe if there was a  Facebook group which linked up with this site then it may be a quicker way for all of our friends, old and new, to be able to pick up any news or leave messages if they didn't have time to come onto the site and read through what was happening here.  That way also, their friends may find out about the group which in turn may mean they find the site if they didn't know that we were here before and then we have more friends visiting us here too, thus spreading the word of what's happening with Cannon and Ball much further than the site alone could ever do.

Visit Our Facebook Group

As with our Myspace Page, our Facebook Group is a place which runs alongside this website enabling our friends to quickly catch up on anything they may have missed on the site by simply calling in when they are using their own Facebook account already.  News and pics can be posted on there and discussions can be had.  It may be easier for some people to call in when they're already Facebooking!  (Yes, it is a word!, lol!)  Hope to see you there.


Use our Facebook ApplicationRegular users of Facebook will know how popular the applications on there are, they are used in their millions every day, well we have our own!  You can now send Cannon and Ball to your friends every day with the new Facebook Application.
Send Cannon and Ball to your friends on FacebookRock On with Cannon and Ball.

Follow the link given here or by clicking on the image on the right and you will be taken to the application home page.

Once there you can read about the application itself, you can become a fan of the app or you can start to send Cannon and Ball to your friends.

To become a friend or a fan just click the appropriate links, to start to send items to your friends click the Go to this Application link in the top right hand corner.  Go on, make someone smile by sending them a Tommy or a Bobby.

Twitter is one of the hottest things on the net at the moment.  Anything that happens, happens on Twitter, all of the world's events break first on Twitter and we are very happy to be a part of it.

You can follow Bobby, Tommy and myself on Twitter with the following details:

Bobby - @TheBobbyBall - www.twitter.com/TheBobbyBall
Tommy - @TheTommyCannon - www.twitter.com/TheTommyCannon
Andrea - @AndieJ - www.twitter.com/AndieJ

There's also a news account which will let you know of any up and coming events or general news etc.  This isn't monitored enough to allow interaction as the personal accounts are but it's worth keeping an eye on!

Cannon & Ball - @BobbyAndTommy - www.twitter.com/BobbyAndTommy

All followers will be very welcome.

There are currently two groups running on Facebook which are attempting to gather numbers in an attempt to help us see more Cannon and Ball.

Please join and give them the best chance possible of success:

Yes! I want & would buy the Cannon and Ball Show on DVD
Repeat Cannon & Ball's 80s TV Shows


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